Love the great taste of a BBQ beef sandwich but not all the work?  Let the slow cooker do it for you while you spend time on other fun activities.

Makes: 8-10
Prep Time: Minimal
Cook Time: 6 Hours


1 Beef chuck roast (3 to 3.5 lbs)
1 Medium onion cut into quarters
3 Cloves garlic, peeled
3/4 Cup Water
1 Teaspoon salt
1/2 Teaspoon pepper
1 Bottle (18 oz.) hickory flavored BBQ sauce
8 - 10 Onion rolls, split


1. Place the onion and the garlic in your slow cookers and place the beef on top. Add water, salt, and pepper. Cover and cook on high for 5 to 5.5 hours, or low 9 to 9.5 hours, until beef is fork tender. (No stirring is necessary during cooking).
2. Remove beef; cool slightly. Strain the cooking liquid, skim fat. Shred the beef with two forks.
3. Place the beef in a microwave safe dish. Stir in BBQ sauce and half cup on cooking liquid. Cover and microwave on high for 6 to 8 minutes or until heated, stirring once. Serve on rolls.