Your Beef Options

Ground Beef - $5 per pound or $6 per pound in pre-made 1/4 pound patties

Please note we request a minimum order of 5 pounds. 


Ground Beef Bundle - $50

This bundle bundle includes:

  • 10 Lbs. ground beef

  • Picked up by appointment at the Farm freezers south of Pacific. Phone or text orders to 314-805-2972, Farmer Linda

Red, White & Blue - $45

this bundle includes:

  • 5 lbs Ground Beef (1 lb each)

  • 1 Rib Steak Duo (13/ oz each)

Big Daddy Bundle - $68

This bundles includes:

  • 5 lbs Ground Beef (1 lb each)

  • 1 Rib Steak Duo (13/oz each)

  • 1 Duo Pack of T-Bones or New York Strip Steaks (12 - 13/oz each steak)

Briskets 8+ Lb $40 - (While supplies last)

Long Ribs - 8+ Lbs - $40 (While supplies last)

Steaks and Roasts

Steaks and roasts available at per pound pricing from Farm Freezers, as availability allows.  Contact Linda at 314.805.2972 to schedule your trip to the farm for pickup.


Split Quarter of Beef - Approximately 100-105 lbs                          Estimate Beef + Processing =  $575-600

A quarter beef from Crooked Creek Beef includes roughly 100-110 pounds (standard cuts chosen by the farmer) including:

  • 50 - 55# Lean ground beef

  • 2 Chuck roast (1/pkg)

  • 2 - 3 Chuck steak (1/pkg)

  • 3 Rib eye steak (2/pkg)

  • 3 NY Strip steaks packs(2/pkg)

  • 3 Sirloin steaks (1/pkg)

  • 2 Sirloin/sirloin tip steaks (2/pkg)

  • 1 Rolled boneless rump roast (2#/pkg)

  • Liver, heart, tongue available upon request

  • Approximately 300 servings at 4 oz per

USDA recommends 3 0z portions: A split Quarter of beef will supply roughly 300 servings from the 100 pounds of Crooked Creek take home beef.


Side of Beef - Approximately 200 – 215 lbs.                       Estimate Beef + Process  $1,150-1,200

A half/side of beef from Crooked Creek Beef includes roughly 200 pounds (including your custom cutting instructions)  This lineup of cuts represents one way to have your side of beef cut.   

  • 90# Lean ground beef

  • Eye of round/patio steaks

  • Rib eye steak

  • T-bone steaks

  • Brisket

  • Chuck steaks or roasts

  • London broil

  • Round steak

  • Sirloin steaks/sirloin tip steaks

  • Rolled boneless rump roast

  • Soup/stew meat (many families put in Ground Beef for Summer use) Beef liver and heart available

  • Butcher has optional services such as Tenderizing/Cubing and Burger patties for extra charges. Full service Butcher with lineup including Pork, Chicken and other specialty Sausages and cuts.

A side of beef comes with the custom cut by our award-winning butcher to meet your household needs for portions per package.  You place those cut instructions over the phone or with a personal visit directly to the shop.  All beef comes vacuum packed, labeled and flash frozen. Beef will be loaded in your vehicle at butcher.  


* All packages available only while supplies last.